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I was speaking with a friend last week who lives in Eastbourne. He was complaining about estate agents. In particular about an agent who wanted to charge him for visiting his home and giving him a valuation for re-mortgage purposes.

My friend made it clear he wasn’t selling and the valuation was to be used purely as a comparison against his building society’s one.

There was no instruction to sell to be gained. But for me this agent was incredibly blinkered in his thinking.

At Ashworths we’ve always seen ourselves as a public service to the good people of Essex. I’ve lost count of the number of free valuations we’ve provided for people re-mortgaging or even just plain curious.

Of course these free valuations also give potential clients a chance to see how we approach our work. There’s no pressure from us, we simply pop along and use our local market knowledge and years of experience to say what we think the property would be worth in the current market.

Estate agents who take a short term view see this kind of visit as a waste of time and a cost to them.

But it’s fair to say we always think long term.

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